From the Shadows by E.J. Stevens

From the Shadows by E.J. Stevens.

Debut poetry collection by dark poet E.J. Stevens.

Explore the dark worlds of The Fallen Ones and Modern Wasteland, the fractured emotions of Madness and Tower of My Despair, the passion of Your Kiss is a Riptide, the sorrow of Haunted (by my Alice), the horror of The Boatman Below, and the deep loneliness of Dowager's Black Dress.

Praise for E.J. Stevens and From the Shadows:

“E.J. Stevens' From the Shadows is lyrical magic that will bring chills to your spine and a sigh to your soul. Ms.Stevens paints a vividly haunting picture of love, loss, joy, sorrow, and a myriad of emotions in between. This is a collection to be cherished by fans of poetic storytelling, who aren't afraid of the dark!”
--Lisa Phillips, author of Obsession Everlasting

“For anyone that loves dark poetry, I think you’ll love this book of poetry written by E.J. Stevens as well….there’s depth to these poems, with a story to be told in each one.”
--Gracen Miller, Moonlight Lace and Mayhem

“With From the Shadows, poetess EJ Stevens has produced a slim volume thick with dark thoughts and full of finely wrought imagery….It's a collection of pieces full of power and humor, and leaves the reader anxious to follow Stevens back into the shadows for more.”
--Andrew Valentine, author of Bitter Things

“My favorite paranormal poet.” 
--Bonnie Lea Elliott, Soul Circle

“Wonderfully, strangely, darkly beautiful with powerful imagery throughout….the epitome of poetry.”
--Shannon Bailey, Bailey’s Books

"As soon as I read the first poem, "Shadow Queen of the Sidhe" I was hooked and did not get up until I finished the entire book!" 
--Kelli, I'd So Rather Be Reading

From the Shadows is available in print and ebook at, Barnes&, Amazon.UK, The Book Depository, and other fine retailers.

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